El Chilote




El Chilote, meaning "the big chile," is the official logo character for the restaurant belonging to Gordo the Chef. His is a legendary chili in that he has a long history in Mexican American culture. He rode with legendary icons in Chicano history like Joaquin Murieta, Gregorio Cortez and Tiburcio Vasquez. If you young Homies don't know about these characters, their stories are in your local libraries... look them up. They are heroes in our history and you should know about them to preserve their legends. El Chilote was instrumental in keeping their blood hot and enabling them to remain strong in the face of adversity. Originally born in the Chimayo valley on the outskirts of Espanola New Mexico, El Chilote comes from the purist line of chile seed. Extremely hot and flavorful, his seed is legendary in the Southwest. Only true Mexicans and Chicanos, (and some tough Gringos) can handle a chile of this strength. Warning ... do not mix El Chilote with tequila ... the combination can be dangerous.