Papi Chulo




Meet Papi Chulo, the finest Homie there is, at least that`s what he says. Papi Chulo is a Cubano Homie origionally from Miami. He is a professional model and moved to L.A. to pursue a television career, and meet girls, lotsa, lotsa girls. Papi Chulo has done modeling gigs for Johnny Blaze, Willie Esco, Phat Farm and School of Hard Knocks, and even underwear for Calvin Klien. His favorite part of modeling is all the fine girls he gets to meet, lotsa lotsa girls. Papi Chulo hired Hollywood as his agent in Hollywood. Since the Homies have become famous, Hollywood has made a lot of contacts with television and film people, and set up HTA, the Homie Talent Agency, and Papi Chulo is his first client. He promised Papi Chulo, he would make him a star, and he`d meet girls...lotsa, lotsa girls.