Whisper speaks with the softest voice. She is a Chismosa (Gossiper) and knows everything about every one of the Homies. Whisper keeps track of who`s seeing who, who`s cheatin on who, and who`s dumping who. She is half Italian (Sicilian to be exact) and half Spanish. She was orphaned at an early age (her parents mysteriously blew up in their car) and is is being raised by her three uncles on her father`s side, Guido, Vinnie, and Pauli Palermo. She denies that her family is Cosa Nostra (Mafia) and that the Pizza Parlor they run (Palermo Family Pizza) is a front for money laundering, bookmaking, and loansharking. The Homies don`t trip though...they think it's kinda cool that her unces are wiseguys. Nobody ever hits on her or asks her out either...they don`t wanna end up getting wacked and sleeping with da fishes.