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The Homies are happy to announce they are working with the world famous Jim Henson Studios in efforts to get an animated tv show rocking. David Gonzales has long been a fan and admirer of the late great Jim Henson, and is proud to have his Homies being represented by them. 

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County Dogpound Set #3 now available in the Homieshop!

Brand new Line from the David Gonzales. These Fight Club members show up to bang heads. Full contact, everything-goes cage fighting, after a rough day at work is what these guys live for. Each figurine come unassembled and in individual bags in larger zip-lock bags. You have the fun of assembling them. Stand and sign is not included. Definately not for children under 5 as parts are removable and can be choked on. Mix and mach...all fighters pair up nicely. These are some of the most detailed figurines we've ever done at Homieshop. These figurines stand a full 2.5 inches tall and come complete with tribal tattooing. Support your local Fight Club and order today. Characters from left to right are: The Celtic, Flame, Joker, Raven, Blue Crush (comes autographed), Warrior, Dragon, and Chile. You won't be disappointed!

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