This little short haired Mexican Chihuahua is a little crazy. Hence the name "Poco Loco". Poco attacks people. This is what he lives for. He would lie in hiding under the steps or behind a fence, just waiting for that unsuspecting mailman or electric company meter reader. They would say "what a cute lil doggy", and as soon as they turned their back, he would attack. His favorite spot to bite is the back of the ankle, the achillis tenndon. He knew that if he got it good they couldn't walk anymore. His whole life, other dogs have picked on him and teased him for being short. He hated that. That is why he hates it when people think that just because he's small he won't bite. Hell show them. When they brought him into the dogpound he bit everyone, the arresting officer, the check in personnel, the guards, the warden, and even people that looked into adopting him. They were finally forced to put a muzzle on him, which has


totally pushed him over the edge. If he ever gets out and you see him...RUN!
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