Trailer Dog is an old yellow Labrador Retriever. For years he hung out lazily outside his owners trailer home out in the mountains of Humbolt County in California. Trailer Dog is an awesome hunter. When his master would shotgun a duck or a pheasant he was right on it. He lived for hunting. He would dive and swim out to the middle of a lake to retrieve a shot duck and bring it back to shore without a broken bone in it. Trailer dog also used to accompany his owners as they tended to their "crops". Problem is their crops were marijuana plants. Eventually some narcotics agents found their crops and
burned em down, and took his owner to Jail. They didn't know what to do with Trailer Dog. They could see he was a friendly dog so they didn't want to put him to they threw him in the dogpound,


hoping someone would adopt him. Unfortunately he is an old dog and chances of that are slim.
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